1The students seeking admissions will have to undergo a qualitative analysis
2Registration is no guarantee for admission and registration fee is not refundable. Subject for analyses is Mathematics, English Tamil at the time of Admission
3To complete the admission a certificate of Birth from the Registration of birth of municipality will have to be produced.
4Required Documents
  For further details on admissions please contact principal / Coordinator

Age at the time of Admission (31st JULY)

LKG3 - 4
UKG4 - 5
I5 - 6
II6 - 7
III7 - 8
IV8 - 9
V9 - 10
VI10 - 11
VII11 - 12
VIII12 - 13
IX13 - 14


A student is enrolled in the school for at least one academic year. In case of withdrawal, the parent/guardian is advised to intimate the decision of withdrawal of his/her ward to the school in writing one month in advance. NO TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OR LEAVING CERTIFICATE will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full, with a written application from parent or guardian.

Removal from the School

A student can be expelled from the school if he/she is found to be a bad conduct, disciplinary action and repeated detention in the same class.


Promotion to the higher class is given to the students who obtain marks/grade as follow:

Class I to V : Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation as per Samacheer norms

Class VI to VIII : 45% in each subject and 50% in aggregate

Class IX to XII : As decided by Matriculation Board of School Education Chennai

Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

  • If the parents have any grievance/ suggestions to offer, they are welcome to write to the Principal or to meet him in person from 01.00p.m.
  • Since parents and teachers have a common goal of bringing into children and all round development of personality, physical, mental and moral, we appeal to the parents for their full co-operation in all matters concerning the education of their children.
  • Please see your child’s diary everyday and help follow the Principal’s/ teacher’s remarks and messages, and sign as a proof of it.
  • Please send your child to school only if he/she is physically fit and is in a position to continue to till the classes are over.
  • If a child is absent one/two days due to any reason, please mark in the dairy in the respective column of ABSENT NOTES.
  • Please co-operate with the school authorities and staff in enforcing school rules and discipline, observing that your child studies regularly at home, comes to school regularly and timely, maintains a continuity in his/her school work and effectively takes helpful interest in the school activity.
  • Parents are advised to see that good habits pertaining to studies, morality, food and health which are taught in the school are continued when children are at home.
  • Student’s regularity and punctuality are to be maintained. No leave is accepted without absent notes. It is mandatory for the parents to inform about leave/absence of their ward well in advance to the school.
  • See that your ward has all text books, items of stationery, craft materials etc, right in the beginning of the session.Ensure that all the books and notebooks are covered with the brown paper.
  • Ensure that your ward comes to the school in the proper uniform with polished shoes, trimmed hair and clean nails.
  • Intimate to the school in case of change in address, telephone number.
  • Do not walk into the classroom or meet the teacher in the classroom. Meet the teacher only with a prior appointment through the Principal.
  • Do not send money or valuable articles with the students. The school owes no responsibility, if they are lost.
  • Students must be directed by their parents to maintain cordial relation with their classmates and pay respect to Teacher, Non-teaching staff and senior students

School Uniform

ClassNURSERYI - V Std.VI - X Std.XI - XII Std.
MondayRed & White
Boys: Shorts T-Shirt
Girls: Skirts T-Shirt
White Shoes & Socks

Boys: White Shorts House T-Shirt
Girls: White Skirts House T-Shirt
White Shoes & Socks

Boys: White Pants House T-Shirt
Girls: White Chudi House Coat
White Shoes & Socks

Boys: White Pants House T-Shirt
Girls: White Chudi House Coat
White Shoes & Socks
Blue & Grey
Boys: Shorts T-Shirt
Girls: Skirts T-Shirt
Black Shoes & Socks
Boys: Blue Shorts White Shirt
Girls: I to V Std. - Blue Pinafore & White Shirt
Black Shoes & Socks

Boys: Blue Pants White Shirt
Girls: White and Blue Chudi Blue Coat
Black Shoes & Socks
Boys: Fawn Pants (Biscuit Color) Cream Shirt
Girls: Fawn (Biscuit Color) and Cream Chudi with Fawn Coat
Black Shoes & Socks