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Board of Trustees

Thiru.J.Subbiah Avl.

Tmt.S.Santha Avl.

Thiru.S.Jay Murugan Avl.

Message from Correspondent

Dear Parents,

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. I am delighted you are considering Jay School as a place of learning and growth for your child.

It is indeed a great privilege in addressing you. Yet another year has passed and we have crossed some more milestones. At every step we had the support and motivation provided by the confident parents and dedicated teachers and committed students. Today Jay Group of institutions is growing from strength to strength with ethical profession practices and is recognized as a reputed name in education.

We believe in excellent morality with good discipline. We also aim at an education by which all sort of people can get worthy. Our motto is to inculcate value education to all the students. Our school has achieved in bringing several laurels (doctors, engineers, technos, etc).We deem it a great pride in bringing the excellence in the path of our mission.

Our students are encouraged to participate to the fullest possible extent in the social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that on completion of their formal second level education, they may emerge as self disciplined, responsible and well adjusted citizens, capable of playing an active and positive role in modern society.

'Smart Class' is a new technology introduced at Jay School. Children can now learn through interactive displays and lessons, videos and DVD's. The lessons and content are compatible with the new Common Syllabus and they are all presented visually in a manner which engages and motivates children. Children are delighted with the new medium of teaching.

The school that stands for excellence and continuously sets highest standards, the school that is a premises which all alumni look back with fond memories, the school that has given many distinguished personalities to our Nation.

Message from Principal

S.JAY MURUGAN. M.A.B.Ed.,M.B.A,M.Phil., Principal

"A school is a building surrounded by four walls with future inside ". It's a social institution that reflects the standard of the society. Therefore, a good school is needed for a good society to exhort and utilize its hidden talents for the fullest possible uplifttment and progress. A school plays greater role in changing the society and its people in the sphere of academic, social, economic, mental, moral & physical development. Above all, it always keeps its door open for all irrespective of caste & creed, colour & community, high & low, rich & poor. Hence it may be termed as auspicious and sacred social institution. One-step ahead, it ignites the young minds and moulds the pupils to good citizens as well as the good leaders of the nation.

The school is not new to me. It has been my justification for the existence for the past decades including 10 months as Manager. This period has been a journey of great learning for me. As they say, "One who dares to teach must never cease to learn". I have learnt not only from my seniors and colleagues but also from my students and parents through continuous interactions. I am committed not only to maintain the impeccable image of school but also to carry forward to new heights.

The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes individuals in their formative years and induces them with values that would govern all their choices in life. It is said 'If you are planning for a year, sow Paddy; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people'. Indeed, one can even say that the quality of education will determine the destiny of the nation.

At present, Our School is enrolled around 3000 students With 129 staffs. It is needless to mention that the school has made a remarkable and speedy progress in scholastic and non-scholastic as well as infrastructural areas. The school arranged day-night security personnel to ensure the security of the school. The school is well-protected by a complete boundary wall. It has also made provisions of drainage system, fire-fighting, pure drinking water, sufficient lavatories etc.

Similarly, the school made arrangements for Identity cards for both the students and the parents, provides instruments for games and sports, updated school diary, prospectus, progress report, Annual Syllabus etc.. It also maintains teacher students - ratio, sufficient nos. of class rooms, school library cum reading room, computer laboratory, science laboratory, games room etc. It is worthy to mention that the school maintains its credit of academic excellence. The school gives due importance on the interest of the students knowledge of regional & national languages.

The school provides ample opportunities to its pupils for their all round development for its pupils to exhort their budding and hidden talents in various fields. Achievements of students in curricular activities and academic excellence are highlighted through this school. Parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with the school. There is a need to work closely so that home/school can have a shared sense of purpose and mutual respect with the sharing of information, responsibility and skills.

Over the years in this school, I have witnessed in our students an unparalleled knowledge base, a vibrant dynamism, an acute consciousness about the world around them, a focused ambition and a sustained commitment. I am also fortunate to have an experienced and committed team, which has brought the school to its present heights. I along with my team of silent workers and dedicated faculty, intend to build on this strong foundation and raise the standards in all spheres to new heights. My aim is not only to be an able Manager but also to be a friend, philosopher and guide to students whom they can count on and trust at all times. I assure that my doors would always be open to the students and their parents for any suggestion or guidance.